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Andis GTX T Blade Deep Tooth - $29.00
Andis GTX T Blade Deep Tooth Blade. Special Offer

The GTX T Blade Deep Tooth fit GTO trimmer, Outliner trimmer. The BlackOut trimmer, GTX trimmer, Andis T-Outliner trimmer.

All new Andis trimmer blades include our sharpening which you save $7.00.
We sharpened the blade for a crispy cut and also test the blade to make sure your blade cuts & performs the way it should.
The setting of the blade & adjustment is to your request.

This a carbon-steel blade made here in the United States.

Blade Settings;
One Under Zero Gap; Almost Zero But a hair under Zero Gap.
We found that this setting works great for the GTX blade when cutting hair for shaving bald or fading out or tight line ups.
You must use very light pressure when applying the blade to the skin and hair.

High Line Up; This Setting is for the professional who is a little heavy handed when applying pressure to the skin when cutting hair. Good for line up less fade out and making line.

Shaving; This setting is for shaving where the customer want his beard or head shave. Very close set and the blade is machine thinner.

Regular; The setting on regular is use on smaller Kids, where the blade is not that close.

Blade Setting