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Hello, You at Wahl Clipper page for great deals on our products, every clipper that we sell has a warranty that we provide from 90 days, 6 Months, and up One year warranty.


Each clipper is re-assemble and adjusted to our specification. The blades are sharpened and set for clean crispy cut. Our clippers that we sell are tested to make sure when you receive your clipper it's going to cut right the first time.


After you purchase your clipper our service don't stop thier. You are cover by our warranty within the warranty period that is assigned to your clipper. Which includes cleaning, disinfect, All adjustments, increase power, sharpen the blade and test for cutting performance. The warranty doesn't cover broken blades or crack case or housing.

The only we ask when sending your clipper in for warranty service is, Please pay the shipping coming & going.

Service You Can trust Since 1990.